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Managed Services - Network Infrastructure

Management of all things network, including: Route/Switch, Firewall and Security, Wired and Wireless Connectivity

Your business is your passion.  It's what gets you up every morning ready for another day!  At ClowdCover, we are passionate people, too, and we are the experts in technology.  We design, implement and manage client networks to provide the following to our clients:
  • Business Continuity - Your business is only as strong as the network that supports it.  Network reliability and security is imperative to continuing operations. Additionally, employee productivity is dependent on your network and is most often directly related to network downtime.  ClowdCover will work with you to understand dependencies and design a network with built in redundancy to further reduce network downtime and productivity.
  • Cost Savings + Expanded IT Knowledge Base - Enterprise level technical resources are difficult to attain and come at a significant cost to small and medium businesses.  When you partner with ClowdCover for Managed Network Services, you have a team of professional, certified enterprise engineers with 25+ years of experience at your fingertips for installation, configuration, maintenance, support, and planning for future growth.  ClowdCover wants to be your trusted IT partner and is here to serve your business.


ClowdCover works with your IT team and other vendors to ensure clients’ needs are met.

To learn more about how managed services fit into your operations, please click below.
Managed Services - for clients with minimal or no existing IT staff.
Co-Managed Servicesfor clients with an existing IT team and/or current partner relationships.

Included Network Managed Services

  • Internet Service Provider Optimization  
  • vLAN Management
  • Network Switch Management + Monitoring + Troubleshooting
  • Wireless Access Management + Monitoring + Troubleshooting
  • Private + Guest Network Management + Troubleshooting

Frequently Asked Questions

Network Infrastructure Security is a process of protecting your underlying networking structure by preventing unauthorized access, modification, deletion, and theft of resources and data. Learn more about network infrsatucture security.
Network infrastructure is kept secure through several measures including application security, firewalls, the use of virtual private networks (VPN), wireless security, intrusion prevention systems, and behavioral analytics. Physical components of network infrastructure are kept secure in areas of restricted access where a passcode or badge would be required for entry.

In networking, switching is the exchange of data on various devices on the same network while routing is the exchange of data between multiple networks.

Cybersecurity is an umbrella term for all aspects of protecting internet-connected systems from digital attacks. Network security is a subset of cybersecurity related to protecting your home or business network from unauthorized access.

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