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Relying on an outdated on-premise phone system to keep communication lines open between clients and your team?

Legacy PBX phone system costing your business more money than a new, state-of-the-art hosted voice solution? Looking to be able to take all your business calls from one phone, any place, any time? ClowdCover can get you there! Connectivity is critical to productivity. The demands of work today require your workforce to be available to connect and collaborate regardless of geographical location. ClowdCover offers a cost-effective hosted VoIP solution that scales with your growing business, ensures business continuity, and allows for a mobile workforce that can be reached at any time on a PC or smartphone. A hosted voice solution can provide the same benefits of a traditional telephone system at cost savings; hosted voice services also include an extensive collection of collaboration tools available to your team. Most companies today are required to manage a variety of communications platforms; the cost can become significant, both in maintaining systems and employing the staff responsible for the management of those systems. ClowdCover can work with your business to design, install, configure and manage a phone system that integrates with your day-to-day operations. 

ClowdCover has certified experts ready to take your telecommunications and collaborative spaces to the next level.  Click the button below to meet our team and learn more about the credentials and certifications our experts have achieved.

Cloud-based voice solutions provide reliability, flexibility and mobility.

3CX is a cloud-based communications solution offering integrated voice, video, messaging and team messaging.

The following features are included for every end user: 
  • Hosted PBX
  • Video Conferencing
  • Instant Messaging (SMS + Web Chat)
  • Mobile Apps
  • Click to Call Desk and Softphones
  • Toll-Free and Local Numbers
  • Multi-Site Extension-to-Extension Dialing


ClowdCover works with your IT team and other vendors to ensure clients’ needs are met.

To learn more about how managed services fit into your operations, please click below.
Managed Services - for clients with minimal or no existing IT staff.
Co-Managed Services for clients with an existing IT team and/or current partner relationships.

Managed Services - Hosted Voice

  • Build/Configure Phone System 
  • Call Flow and Auto-Attendant Design 
  • Overhead Paging Design 
  • Moves/Adds/Changes for End User Extensions
  • Monitoring + Troubleshooting
  • ClowdCover has certified experts ready to take your telecommunications to the next level. 

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