Physical Security

Access Control for Doors and Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems

The New Standard in Physical Security
Smarter, safer spaces made easy. Rhombus delivers enterprise security cameras and sensors managed seamlessly from a unified cloud-based platform.

How it Works
No NVR/DVRs or complex configurations required. Deploy Rhombus with ease and remotely manage it from a single pane of glass.

Smart Security Cameras
Cameras feature enterprise-grade encryption and come online in minutes. Footage is stored locally on the camera and events are processed in real-time.

Connected Sensors
Improve safety and response. Sensors are customizable based on your needs and deliver real-time actionable insights with high-resolution video.

Seamless Integrations
Physical security built the way your organization operates. Streamline workflow and enhance visibility by integrating with industry-leading solutions.

A Smarter Physical Security Experience

Infinite Scalability

Fast and easy deployment anywhere in the world. Manage unlimited devices, locations, and users from a single console.

Easy Investigations

Find what you need, when you need it. All activity is automatically analyzed so you can find, save, and share footage in seconds.

Proactive Alerts

Automate security and improve response with real-time alerts based on unwanted behavior, audio, environment triggers, and more.

Secure By Default

Rhombus is regularly pen-tested, built on zero-trust infrastructure, and receives automatic updates to deliver a solution you can rely on.

Access Control

Enable incredible experiences with a unified software and hardware solution

Smart security for your spaces
Seamless access and real-time data and analytics transform your spaces into secure and streamlined resources.

Give users an unmatched access experience
Streamline user onboarding and management with automated access provisioning in Kisi. You can even connect your user management systems to Kisi, automatically enrolling users and granting them the permissions they require.

All-in-one setup
Use Kisi Readers with Kisi Controllers to enjoy our secure and convenient touchless access technology.

Existing system upgrade
Keep your existing locks, cables and credentials while adding the ability to remotely manage physical security and unlock with the Kisi app — without installing new readers.

Actionable space insights
Communication between Kisi hardware and software is near-instant, quickly compiling real-time data to give better insights into the security and utilization of your spaces.

Stay in control and save time with cohesive management

User permissions

Grant and revoke access on a user or team-wide basis. You can even integrate your SSO or directory solution for automatic provisioning in the future.

Dashboard unlock

Unlock a specific door with a tap or click from the Kisi dashboard.

In-and-Out Tracking

Get precise data on when users enter and leave your space, as well as historical data of utilization trends.

Event exports

All events are recorded and organized in the Kisi dashboard, making reports and audits a breeze.

Intrusion alerts

Customized alerts automatically forwarded to your email or phone push notification when a door is forced open.

Integrations & API

Leverage software integrations or build custom solutions with Kisi's API.

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