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What is Network Infrastructure Security?

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Network Infrastructure Security, or NIS, is a process of protecting your underlying enterprise networking structure by preventing unauthorized access, modification, deletion, and theft of resources and data. These security measures include a number of techniques such as access control, application security, firewalls, the use of virtual private networks (VPN), wireless security, intrusion prevention systems, and behavioral analytics.

Why is Network Infrastructure Security Important?

The greatest threat to the security of your network infrastructure is from hackers and malicious actors attempting to gain control over your routing infrastructure. Network infrastructure components include all the devices needed for networked communications in your business, including firewalls, switches, routers, load-balancers, domain name systems, intrusion detection systems, and data storage. Each of these systems can be an entry point for hackers who want to install malicious software on your network. There are two main types of risk that network infrastructure security is designed to mitigate:

Gateway Risk

If a hacker gains access to a gateway router, they can monitor, modify, and deny traffic in and out of your network, gleaning proprietary client information or denying service.

Infiltration Risk

If a hacker drills deeper into your network and gains control of its internal routing and switching devices, they can monitor, modify, and deny traffic between hosts inside your network, as well as exploit the trusted relationships between your internal hosts to move throughout your business.

Although there are a number of other damaging attacks that can be inflicted on a network, the routing infrastructure is a primary target due to its primacy and importance. Therefore, securing and defending your network’s routing infrastructure should be of primary importance to prevent system infiltration.

What Are the Benefits of Network Infrastructure Security?

When implemented well, network infrastructure security provides several benefits to your business’s network:

  • Cost savings due to the ability to share resources among users without threat
  • Site licenses can be utilized for proprietary software, instead of licensing every machine
  • File sharing across the internal network improves productivity and leads to a single source of truth
  • Internal email and chat systems stay secure, protected from prying eyes
  • User files and data are protected from each other and outside threats, ensuring that company data stays the company’s
  • Data back-up and protection ensures your intellectual property stays secure

What Are the Different Types of Network Infrastructure Security?

There are a variety of approaches to network infrastructure security, and by utilizing multiple approaches, you’ll broaden your network defense.

Access Control

prevents unauthorized users and devices from accessing the network

Application Security

hardware- and software-installed security measures that lock down potential vulnerabilities


gatekeeping devices that inspects network traffic to prevent unwanted traffic from breaching the network barrier

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

encrypted connections between endpoints within and outside your network, creating a secure “tunnel” of communication over the open Internet

Behavioral Analytics

tools that automatically detect unusual network activity and alerts your cybersecurity team

Wireless Security

with the proliferation of wireless apps on mobile devices and other portable hardware, the need for wireless security is more important than ever

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